Come and Visit Catalonia


Welcome to Catalonia

This is a non-comercial web to give the viewer the opportunity to enjoy the marvellous places, sights, places and visits in Catalonia and all around Europe. Why not visit Catalonia, the autonomous region with a friendly people and learn about what you are missing. The provinces of Barcelona, Gerona, Lerida and Tarragona form Catalonia with so much to offer visitors from the magnificent Montserat mountain to the snowy Pyrenees, the Costa Dorada & Costa Brava beaches, the architecture of Barcelona, the excitment of Tarragona and historic Gerona. Take a tour and enjoy the offers Catalonia can offer. You will never regret it.


What to See, Where to Go, What to Visit

There are loads of things to see and visit in Catalonia. The scope for exploration is so large you will need several visits to see everything.


What to Do in the Major Cities of Catalonia

From what you see in this web, hopefully you will have an idea of what you want to see of this wonderful place that is Catalonia.


Explore and enjoy the activities in all four seasons

The idea is to have fun, if you can take the opportinity to see everything you are a lucky person. Join me in this exciting adventure in Catalonia.

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