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Geoff Harrison

Golf in Barcelona (This magnificent view over the 1st hole at Montanya is by Geoff Harrison)



Best Spectrum IFA Order of Merit Placing: 1

Xavier Pitarque

Handicap: 32.9


September 2011, October 2011, January 2012, Oct 2014.

Highest Order of Merit Finish:Winner 2011-2012 (B).

Hall of Fame member.

Winner Category B 2011-12

Number of Tournament Victories: 4

OOM Events: 62

Major Championships: 0



Player Status: Passed Away June 2016 Comittee Member 2012-2014 and 2016.

One of our most loyal and friendly members and the heart and soul of the Society. Xavier passed away after a short illness in June 2016. He will be Sadly missed by all his companions at the society. Following is a text from Graham Nash the Society Honorary Life President about his great friend Xavier:

I find myself in a difficult situation today.  My friend Xavier Pitarque is about to die from a terminal illness.  What I have to say may sound like an obituary, but today is the right time for these things to be said.  Please forgive me if any of you find this discomforting.  I can only defend myself with my sincerity and the fact that Xavier Pitarque deserves to be honoured by us in the Sant Jordi Golf Society.
Xavier has been a close friend of mine for 36 years.  He was one of the first Catalans I met and made friends with when we emigrated to Catalunya in 1980.  My first impressions of this very special man included his sunny and charismatic personality, his unbridled optimism, his athletic prowess, his politeness and kindness and his perfect english.  If you consider the fact that Xavier was a child of the dictatorship whose family was humiliated by the regime and whose father was saved at the last minute from a fascist firing squad, one wonders how on earth he was able to absorb all this and become the fine person that he was.  Although it is right and fair to say that these experiences resulted in emotional scars that he was able to control but never heal, he kept these experiences closely guarded in his inner being and only revealed them on very rare occasions and to very close friends. Another great quality that cemented our friendship was his unbridled enthusiasm for anything new and innovative.  This led him to embrace squash as a sport when the only court available in Catalunya was part of a British company´s factory complex in Rubi. 
It is here that I met him for the first time playing squash with a group of UK immigrants.  This led him to convince the company for whom he worked at the time to import the best floors, glass walls and wall systems for squash courts.
I used these products on the Squash Club I built with partners in Sant Cugat .  There followed many incredible years dedicated to developing this new sport in Catalunya and Spain and as you can imagine Xavier was at the forefront.  He eventually became the first President of the Catalan Squash Federation and as a player reached his zenith as runner up in the Spanish Squash Championships as a senior.
Xavier Pitarque was also a man of vision.  He was one of the pioneers of the cruise industry in Barcelona and when he started servicing these vessels there were only a few visits a year.  As the head of one of the most important cruise vessel service companies he helped to build this business to today’s unprecedented levels that have made Barcelona the second most important cruise departure and changeover port in the world.
For me personally, if one thing summed up Xavier Pitaque´s amazing character it would undoubtedly be his reliability.  If Xavier said he would do something, he always did.  This cemented our relationship in many ways because the most important thing one needs as an organizer are people you can rely on and Xavier was the epitome of this.  Hence, he became involved in the Sant Jordi project from the beginning and was always there to help, encourage and animate the fledgling golf society in its development to what it is today.
Undoubtedly apart from his wife Anna and his son Patrick, Xavier had two other great loves in his life, his beloved Barça and his country Catalunya.

He was always a supporter of Catalan independence and a great promoter of its language and culture and from my personal viewpoint was the epitome of everything positive about the country he loved.  He was the perfect ambassador with the type of personal qualities of dedication, hard work and principles that has made Catalunya the economic jewel in the crown and part of Spain, something that he, as a Catalan, resented deeply and in his way, tried to change during his entire life.
Xavier played football for Barcelona Football Club as a left winger, as a junior and although through injury he was unable to continue playing football at a high level he was the most ardent of supporters all his life.  As Barcelona FC was really the only expression of Catalan identity during the dark years of the dictatorship one can easily appreciate why it has become a flagship for some and the point of hatred for others.  We should remember however that it is one of the most important football clubs in the world and has become so through the loyalty of tens of thousands of dedicated fans of whom Xavier Pitarque was one of the most ardent.
In saying goodbye to this very special person I have to thank him for everything he did in his life for the benefit of others.  Not huge gestures or grandeous schemes for the benefit of humanity, but small things like never forgetting birthdays,  lifting and animating his friends when they were down and always encouraging the people that surrounded him.
Xavier is a marvelous person and a very special friend and will be sorely missed.

Thank you.




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