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Sant Jordi Golf Society Barcelona


Golf in Barcelona

    Amb 16 victories: Adrian Cox (incloent el Obert de Saint Andrews 2008)
Amb 12 victories: Steve Watson (incloent el Obert de Saint Andrews 2007) Steva Watson Amb 10 Victories Graham Nash
Amb 10 victories Roger Hunger Roger Hunger Amb 8 victories Albert Sant
Amb 9 victories Michael Robson ( Incloent 3 Oberts d'Saint Jordi) Michael Robson Amb 7 victories Marc Cox
Amb 7 victories Isabel Martinez Isabel Martinez Amb 7 victories Montse Sant
Amb 7 victories Derek Simes Derek Simes Jonathan Goodman
  Richard Rose Roy Waters
With Six Victories Richard Rose, Roy Waters, Mick Walsh and Paul Glover walsh  
    Graham Nash-Sant Jordi 2007, 2010
Gary Peers-Hanslope Park Golf Society 2008 Gary Peers Mike Thom-Sant Jordi 2009
Phil Canale-Hanslope Park Golf Society 2009 Phil Canale Trevor Haigh-Hanslope Park Golf Society 2010
2007 - Michael Robson Michael Robson 2008 - (A) - David Coote
2008 - (B) - Roy Waters Roy Waters 2009-10 (A)- Ralph Griffin
2009-10 (B) - Paul Smith Paul Smith 2010-11 (A) - Simon Gordon
2010-11 (B) - Richard Rose Richard Rose 2011-12 (A) - David Coote
2011-12 (B) Xavier Pitarque Xavier Pitarque 2012-13 (A) - Roger Hunger
2012-13 - Mick Walsh Mick Walsh 2013-2014 (A) - Iain Morwood
2013-2014 (B) - Martin Kirby Martin Kirby 2014-15 (A)
2014-15 (B)   2014-15 (C)
2015-16 (A) David Coote 2015-15 (B) Martin Kirby
Avanç d'2007, Clive Callaghan, Kevin Ellis and Michal Robson (3 vegades) 2007 - Pau Gomez
2008 - David English David English 2009 - Ralph Griffin
2010 - Michael Robson Michael Robson 2011 (A) - Iain Morwood
2011 (B) - Mark Mills Mark Mills 2012 (A) Simon Gordon
2012 (B) Antonio Castañeda Antonio Castañeda 2013 (A) Mick Walsh
2013 (B) I Robertson Ian Robertson 2014 (A) Chris Burke
2014 (B) Richard Keeling Richard Keeling 2014 (C) Wolfgang Finkbeiner
2015-16 (A) Chris Castrioty 2015-15 (B) Martin Kirby
El trofeo de 'Categoria A de Saint Andrews fue presentat al Grupo en el año 2008 por Adrian Cox. El trofeo de'Categoria B presentado al Grupo d'Sant Jordi en 2012 por Mark Mills.
2007 Steve Watson Steve Watson 2008 Adrian Cox
2009 Ian Skinner Ian Skinner 2010 Antonio Berraza
2011 Category (A) - Eduardo Torres Eduardo Torres Category (B) - Tim Helbing
2012 Category (A) - Juan Maestro Juan Maestro Category (B) - Stijn Teeuwen
2013 Category (A)-Iain Morwood Iain Morwood 2013 Category (B)-Mike Thom
2014 (A) Roger Hunger Roger Hunger 2014 (B) Simon Fletcher Simon Fletcher 2014 (C) Martin Kirby

Martin Kirby


2015 A Stijn Teeuwen     2015 B Martin Kirby Martin Kirby
2016 A Steve Watson    

2016B Martin Kirby


Martin Kirby
El Torneo Maetro de Sant Jordi
Sant Jordi Golf
2015 David Coote
Montanya: Hogar del Sociedad de Golf de Sant Jordi
Sant Jordi Golf Society RCG El Prat
Otras campos donde hemos jugado nuestros torneos
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Spectrum IFA Group

The Spectrum IFA Group: Ha sido el Sponsor del Orden de Mérito del Sociedad de Golf Sant Jordi desde hace varios años.
Prudential International
As part of the Prudential Group, Prudential International is part of a strong and financially secure organisation with a well respected name. The Prudential Group has been helping people plan for their future for over 160 years. Its size and experience puts it in a strong position to invest customer's money wisely for the medium to long term.
Lucas Fox
Lucas Fox: Es el sponsor principal de los premios de 'mas cerca de la bandera' para nuestros torneos desde 2013..
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Bufete Escura  
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