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Brent Ledford

President (On Course), Club liaison, logistics, Registrations, Society Captain and Treasurer

Society Captain, Treasurer, purchase of prizes, preparations at event venues, presentation at events & photography.

One of our numerous American players, Brent Ledford, is a retired prosecutor (21+ years) and was a former police officer (18+ years) before that. He’s from the Los Angeles area of Southern California.  While in serving the U.S. Air Force, he was stationed in Brindisi, southern Italy for 31/2 years (1969-73) and really came to enjoy the southern European lifestyle.  A few years after he retired, he decided to re-kindle his love for southern Europe and moved to Barcelona in 2011 with his wife, Marilynn. Shortly thereafter, he joined the Sant Jordi Golf Society and he has gradually increased his participation in the organization since then, recently winning the “coveted” Homer Award.  In July 2014, he volunteered to become the Treasurer.  

BRENT LEDFORD  682732165. Envia un correu a Brent Ledford.

Chris Burke

Information Manager

Circulation of Sant Jordi Information via web sources, Sant Jordi Twitter Manager.

Chris es miembro de la junta de Sant Jordi Golf desde Abril de 2014. Tiene un historial demonstrada en organisacion de eventos, administracion financiaera y esta actualmente con la Grupo Spectrum IFa en Barcelona. Chris trae ideas nuevas y juventud al grupo y es coordinador de las pagínas de Linkedin su incorporacion al comité afianza el vinculo fuerte entre Sant Jordi y el Grupo Spectrum IFA Group en Barcelona.

Movil: 689915730. Envia un correu a Chris Burke.

Craig McLaughlan

Sponsor Liaison Manager and Logistics

Liaison with all the collaborators for the Sant Jordi Events and in particular with Stijn Teeuwen and The Spectrum IFA Group for the promotion of the Major Tournaments. Co-presentation at events & photography.

Craig Joined the Sant Jordi Golf Society committee in February 2015 after geing a player for several years. Still active in the group he has three tournament wins to his credit.

Mobile: 654 873 521. Mail Craig McLaughlan

Paul Glover

Venue and Competition Manager

Tasked With: Organization of venues for our tournaments, formats of the competitions and dates. Society Tours, Federation Handicaps, Co-presentation at events & photography.

Paul Joined the Sant Jordi Golf Society committee in February 2015 after geing a player for several years. Still active in the group he has four tournament wins to his credit.

Mobile: 607429650- Mail Paul Glover

Adrian Cox

Co-Founder, Web & Domain Ownerregistrations and Order of Merit.

Registration requests, Special needs of players, communication of players to venues, collating data for the web page, newsletter and photography. Circulation of data, What’s App manager. Co-presentation at events & photography

Adrian junts amb Graham Nash y otres amics jugadors de la Comunitat Britanic formo The Sant Jordi Golf Society en el Club de Golf de Vallromanes en 1995. El Primer torneig es va jugar el mes siguint en Agost 2015 en Montanya. En el actualitatr te el numero mes alta de victories en torneiges Sant Jordi amb 16 y te un torneig Gran en su curiculo el 2008 Saint Andrews Open Championship. President de la Sociedad des.de 2013 hasta 2016. Pagina web, Informes mensuals dels torneiges i fotografia del mateixas. Fue Procónsul Britànic en Barcelona durant 23 anys.



Montanya: Hogar del Societat d'Golf de Sant Jordi.
Sant Jordi Golf Society RCG El Prat
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El Nostre filosofia

Spectrum IFA Group The Spectrum IFA Group: Ha sigut el sponsor principal del Ordre del Mèrit de la Societat de Golf de Sant Jordi des.de fa molts anys.
Prudential International Com a part de  PRUDENTIAL GROUP, la Secció PRUDENTIAL INTERNACIONAL  es una organització financera forta  y molt segura amb una marca molt respectada. El PRUDENTIAL GROUP  ha vingut assessorant el plans de pensions de les persones durant més de 160 anys. La seva magnitud i experiència li permet tenir un posicionament  fort  per tal de invertir prudentment els diners dels seus clients a mig i llarg termini .
Lucas Fox Lucas Fox: Es el Sponsor principal dels premios de Mes aprop del Forat de la Societat d'Golf Sant Jordi per totes els nostres torneiges.
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